Harvest Center Piece

You will need:

  1. Clean spaghetti jar
  2. Twigs
  3. Pebbles
  4. Jute, raffia, or hay string
  5. Old paper or brown sacks
  6. Old book pages


  1. Fill up clean spaghetti jar with pebbles
  2. Place twigs in spaghetti jar
  3. Wrap jute/raffia/hay string around mouth of jar; tie in bow
  4. Write messages on old paper or sack; tie to branches
  5. For additional flare add paper (book pages) flowers

In addition, you may add:

  • Torched Aluminum Leaves
  • CAUTION: it is very easy to get cut, consider wearing a pair of light weight gardening gloves. Use extreme caution when using the torch as well.

    1. Using a permanent marker, draw your design on the flattened aluminum
    2. Using scissors carefully cut out your design
    3. Place cut out piece on a fireproof surface
    4. Using a propane torch on low heat, gently pass heat over the top of the aluminum. Let cool and turn cut out over. If desired lightly torch again.