A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Diana Bishop is a hardworking and super intelligent scholar of historical documents. Diana, a Ph.D. at Oxford University, is not just a super-brain, but also a witch. She’s also just so happens to be from a family that dates as far back as history’s first account of magic. Regardless, Diana refuses to use her powers, if only to prove that she can be successful without them. She is forced to go against that choice when a mysterious transcript shows up at the university library and she can feel the magic within it. The arrival of the Ashmole 782 brings the interest of many other supernatural beings. The most intriguing of those beings is a handsome and ancient vampire, Matthew Clairmont. With the desire to remain separate from her magical lineage and the life of witches, she tries desperately to avoid the magical document and everyone who is interested in it, including Matthew. The Ashmole 782 is merely the beginning of the journey she must take into learning more about history, her painful past and the role she must play in her own future. This is book one of three and with a little history, romance and a dash of mystery, A Discovery of Witches is a new twist on the ever-popular supernatural theme.

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