New Fiction

Below is a list of all Fiction Books added to the OVLC catalog over the last 14 days. The books listed are new additions to the catalog and are not necessarily brand-new items. (Some items may not have cover images.)

Gilman, Laura Anne

Brookes, Adam

Miller, Linda Lael

Cussler, Clive

Wilson, Susan

Littlefield, Sophie.

Foster, Lori

Mapson, Jo-Ann.

Min, Anchee

Richards, Emilie

Sanmartin Fenollera, Natalia.

Hanna, Janice.

Harkness, Deborah E.

Patterson, Richard North.

Hellenga, Robert

Makkai, Rebecca.

Garwood, Julie

Gilman, Laura Anne.

Rankin-Gee, Rosa.

Cleave, Chris.

Backman, Fredrik

Patterson, James

Paine, Lauran.

Reisz, Tiffany

Macomber, Debbie

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