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Donations from Karen Bahr

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The Standard Supply Company, Portsmouth, Ohio
Black and white group photo of employees. From the front left: M.J. Ruggles, Keith Geiger, John Grohman, Russel Bryant, E. Freymouth. The second row from the left: William Z. Tritscheller, L. R. Bauer, Ray Yuenger, B. A. Leichner, George Locke, Art…

Standard Supply Company
Black and white group photo image of a sales conference at Lunkenheimers in Cincinnati.
Attended by M.J. Ruggles (#11) and C.A. Leever (#22).
Maltby J. Ruggles began his employment with the company in 1910. In 1948, he became the president.

John Hetzel, 8 years old
Black and white photo image of young Hetzel leading two cows. The matboard behind the photo is torn at the corners. John was born about 1899 to Jacob Hetzel and Anna Maria Geisler in Portsmouth, Ohio. His father was in the butcher business, most…
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