Donations from Frank H. Rowe


Donations from Frank H. Rowe

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Gaylord & Co. Rolling Mill Price List
Price list for September 6, 1855.

Scioto Rolling Mill Company Price List
Price list page from September 16, 1855. The company opened for operation in May, 1855.

Burgess Steel and Iron Works
Front page of price list for Burgess Steel and Iron works, built in 1871 in Portsmouth on the Ohio River near the end of Chillicothe Street.

Portsmouth Steel Company Check and Receipt
Portsmouth Steel Company check to Geo. Bailey for $8.39 in 1914 and a receipt dated 1906.

Steel Employee's Record and Annual Passes
Tom Eblin's Portsmouth Steel employee's record dated 1916.
Albert Blume's annual employee passes from Whitaker-Glessner Co. in 1917, and from Wheeling Steel Corp. in 1933.

Pennsylvania Railroad Company freight Receipt
Pennsylvania Railroad freight receipt with shipping rates dated March 31, 1856.

Civil War Era Stamped Envelopes
Posted envelopes from the Civil War era

Cincinnati Red Stockings vs Portsmouth Riversides Box Score 1869
black & white page. The score and line-up of the August 11, 1869 baseball game played between the Portsmouth Riversides and the Cincinnati Red Stockings. Historical account of the typical life of a baseball player during game season.

New City Bus Line Newspaper Article
January 12, 1939, Portsmouth Daily Times front page news article about the new buses and the retiring street car service.

Portsmouth City Lines Bus Routes
Black & white bus schedule for Portsmouth City Lines Inc., the public commuter service when all lines cost five cents.

New Boston Steel Plant Mailing Envelopes
Five used envelopes showing the return business addresses of the various operators of the New Boston steel plant.

Chinese Stamps before Communist Regime
Small collection of stamps from China.
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