Barack Obama's Visit to Shawnee State


Barack Obama's Visit to Shawnee State


A crowd of more than 5,000 people gathered on the Alumni Green of Shawnee State University to support Barack Obama.


Terry Stevenson II


October 8, 2008


Portsmouth Public Library

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Supporters at the Obama Campaign Rally
Supporters at the campaign rally.

Supporters at Obama Campaign Rally
Supporters at campaign rally.

Obama campaign Rally
Speaker at the rally.

American Legion Veteran
American Legion Veteran greeting the crowd of supporters.

American Legion Veteran
Veteran leading the crowd.

Obama & Biden 2008 Campaign
2008 campaign sign.

Obama Supporters
Obama supporters awaiting speeches.

Obama Supporters
Obama supporters in the auditorium at Shawnee State University.

Obama supporter
Unidentified Obama supporter in the auditorium of Shawnee State University.

Obama supporters
Obama supporters gathered at Shawnee State University auditorium.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown
Color photograph. Senator Sherrod Brown speaks to the crowd.

Governor Ted Strickland
Color photograph. Governor Ted Strickland speaks to crowd.
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