1913 Portsmouth Flood


1913 Portsmouth Flood




Portsmouth, Ohio

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1913 Portsmouth Flood-Post Office Building
Black & white photograph image.
The Post Office Building on Chillicothe Street, between Gallia & Sixth (6th).

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Upper Market
Black & white photograph.
Known as Upper Market in 1913, the view is looking west on Gallia, toward Chillicothe Street. Note the Post Office Building on the right, with its distinct round construction. The area was later renamed the Roy Rogers…

1913 Portsmouth Flood-West Fifth (5th) Street Looking East
Black & white photograph.
West Fifth (5th) Street, looking east toward Chillicothe Street. Until about 1912, the numbered streets in Portsmouth were designated with an East or West before the address. German Evangelical Church can be seen. Its…

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Gallia Street
Black & white photograph.
View looking east on Gallia Street from the downtown area. The view most likely from the tallest building, the First National Bank Building,Chillicothe Street on the southeast corner of Gallia Street.

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Looking Up Fifth (5th) Street
Black & white photograph.
Looking east on Fifth (5th) Street toward the First National Bank Building on Chillicothe Street.

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Chillicothe Near Fifth (5th) Street
Black & white photograph.
View looking south, toward Kentucky, on Chillicothe Street near Fifth (5th) Street.

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Fowler's Camera Shop
Black & white photograph.
Fowler's Camera Shop located on Second (2nd) Street near Chillicothe Street.

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Fourth (4th) and Chillicothe Street
Black & white photograph.
View looking north at Fourth (4th) & Chillicothe Streets.

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Third (3rd) and Chillicothe Street
Black & white photograph.
View looking north from Third (3rd) & Chillicothe Streets.

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Second (2nd) Street and Chillicothe
Black & white photograph.
Second (2nd) & Chillicothe Streets.

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Chillicothe Street
Black & white photograph.
Chillicothe Street.

1913 Portsmouth Flood-Church and Store Destroyed in New Boston
Black & white photograph.
Unidentified church and store burned during flood in New Boston, Ohio
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