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C. P. & V. RR Freight Depot
Black & white photo of the C P & V railroad freight depot at the corner of Waller and Tenth Streets, on the north side of the tracks on the east side of Waller. The Cincinnati, Portsmouth, and Virginia Railroad later became the Norfolk and Western.

Spanish Gun on the way to Cincinnati
Black & white photo of the large Spanish gun from the defeated Spanish war ship the "Admiral Oquendo," captured in July of 1898. The gun was being moved to Cincinnati as a trophy of the Spanish War. The Portsmouth Daily Times reported the gun…

Passenger cars on the Railroad
Passenger train cars, the right has "Pauline" on the side

Portsmouth Railroad Yard
black & white photo of the railroad yard and the river in the backgraound

Portsmouth Railroad Yard
Black & white photo of railroad yards and the river in the background

Norfolk & Western Railroad Depot
Railroad Depot at 10th and Waller Streets. Built in 1886 for the Cincinnati-Portsmouth-Virginia Line. Used by Norfolk & Western from 1901 until new N & W Depot was built in 1931. Razed in 1968

Norfolk & Western Railway Company Bill of Lading 1906
In order to ship a rail car, a customer must issue a Bill of Lading (BOL). This is essentially the document a shipper issues to a railroad in order to ship a rail car to a destination. The information on the BOL follows the same car from railroad to…

Norfolk & Western Mason Force Number 4 at Rarden, Ohio
A newspaper picture showing the names of the men working on the N & W railroad.
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