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scan of five typed programs for events held by the Second Presbyterian Church.

1. Service of Sacred Music; May 2, 1950
2. Service of Thanksgiving; May 3, 1950
3. Anniversary Dinner; May 5, 1950
4. "Family Portrait" play; May 6-7, 1950
5. 75th…

scan of volume one of the Second Presbyterian Crusader, newsletter for Second Presbyterian Church. Newsletter is typed and contains information about events and the people that attend the church.

scan of typed pages for the annual report for Second Presbyterian Church for 1949-1950.

scan of typed pages of the Second Presbyterian Church's 75th Anniversary Celebration listing the committees and events for the celebration.

scan of two typed documents for Second Presbyterian Church. The first is a brief history of how the church got started and the second is a program for the play "Family Portrait" performed on May 6-7, 1950 for the church's 75th Anniversary…

scan of typed letter to Gerald Boyd, Chairman for the Second Presbyterian Church's Publicity Committee, from Albert F. Marting. Letter contains publicity update for the upcoming 75th Anniversary event of the church. Black ink with signed signature…

scan of typed letter to John Green from G. F. Boyd. Letter contains the report from the Publicity Committee for the 75th Anniversary celebration of Second Presbyterian Church.

page two of typed letter to Reverend Cruickshank from G. F. Boyd in regard to the publicity for an event celebrating the Second Presbyterian Church's 75th anniversary. Letter contains information about items that people are getting together for the…
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