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Scan of a five year diary for Jane Walbright, from 1937-1941.

White papers and colored photos of Willard Grizzell, 1940 Portsmouth East, and Willard Grizzell Middle School in Dublin, Ohio. One paper contains a biography of the Scioto County native, while the other paper is his obituary. Materials were sent in…

Black and white group photo of the Portsmouth East Reunion. Some information on back: 7th woman from left: Shannon Snyder- Millhuff (class of 1944)
8th woman: Rosemary Zwickert-Elam (class of 1941)

Black and white group photo of Portsmouth East Reunion. Information on back: Left to right: bottom row, 5th from left is Virginia "Gin" Snyder-Brant, class of 1940. Middle row, 3rd from left, Lewis J. Martin, class of 1940.

Group color photo image of classmates of Portsmouth East class of 1941. Information on back: (left to right) bottom row, 4th woman: Rosemary Zwickert-Elam; 5th woman, Jane Walbright-Ockuly. 2nd row, 4th over: Maxcella Hood-Marsh

Color photo of 1941 class members. Some identified on back as: (l to r) bottom row seated: Maxcella Hood- Marsh, Jane Walbright-Ockuly, Rosemary Zwickert-Elam, woman holding sign undentified, Jeanette Snyder-Martin. Portsmouth East High School…

Yellowed, aged folded paper with black typewriting, 4 different black fonts and ink signatures. Form provides two dates, with graduation date June 6, 1941 for student Norma Jane Walbright of Sciotoville High School. Inside has courses and grades.

Yellowed, aged papers with black typewritten humorous information on each senior student leaving something for a lower classman.

Yellowed, aged paper with typewritten words and black ink indicating Jane Walbright won their popularity contest in her sophomore year. She won this group's popularity awards every year in high school.

Aged, yellowed paper, fold into a program. Black print in 3 different fonts. Date (1941), time, location, program details and class listed. Jane Walbright listed.

Black and white photocopy images of an article from the 1935 Portsmouth Times mentioning Jane Walbright of Harding School placing.

Black and white photocopy of newspaper article for the Tri-State softball title between Fairmont and "Barklow's Girls" in Portsmouth. Bottom row, middle: Jane Walbright
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