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  • Collection: Jane (Beebe) Hughes Collection

Sepia tone postcard image of Granny Johnson Goodrich, Margaret Wood age 15 and Ida Mae Goodrich Wood.

Ruby red small glass pitcher with gold script writing: Lucinda Goodrich, Portsmouth, Ohio, 1904.

White ceramic occupational mug with gold lettering and images, including a plaster's trowel (numbered 242). Benjamin F. Goodrich, son of Richard and Jane Bonser Goodrich, was a contracting plasterer by trade.

Pocket watch fob of four gold chains on a T-bar to secure a pocket watch chain

Hinged case gold pocket watch on chain, white face with black Roman Numerals, tiny 60 second clock face between V and VII. On the inside of the cover are numbers 2222988 under a jeweler's scale.
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