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Hawkins Family History.pdf
Photo copy of pages 94 thru 103 of The Hawkins Family: A Family History and Life Stories by John Henry Hawkins. The chapter titled "CCC Camp" is about his work as manager of Shawnee Camp #2 in the Shawnee Forest 1933- 1935.

Dinner Menu for the First Anniversary Camp Shawnee No. 2, Company 1520 - S51A, Portsmouth, Ohio.. The young men enrolled in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps.) program in Shawnee Forest are also listed.

Black & white photo of CCC Camp Shawnee No. 2, company 1520 - S51 A in Shawnee State Forest, new in 1933.

Black & white photo of officers and some men of CCC Camp Shawnee No. 2 in Shawnee State Forest.

Various metal shields, buttons, and pins from the estate of John H. Hawkins, manager of the Civilian Conservation Camp Shawnee No. 2 in Shawnee Forest 1933-1935.
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