2006 Donations


  • J. Richard Bock- “Pioneers, Preachers and Frontiersmen: The Ancestors of Louis H. Bock”
  • Paul O’Neill- old photo image of Market Street business “Goltz and Molster”
  • Steven Shaffer- “The Indian’s Head Rock”


  • Dorothy Schweinsberg- old Portsmouth map (undated)
  • Lisa Lavender- old postcard
  • Bill Glockner- “The History of the Movie Theaters in Portsmouth, Ohio and Scioto County”


  • Russell Jett- “Firefighters 1944, Portsmouth, Ohio”
  • James Carver- “A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution”
  • Julie Mustard- “Jeanguenot” family history


  • Rae Jean Wagner- “Naval History of Ray Entler in W.W. II”
  • Steve Jenkins- “Scioto County, Ohio: 1978 Site Selection Industrial Handbook”
  • Donald Karr-“Kentucky Records”, “Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants”, Floyd Co, KY Deaths 1852-1904″, “Kentucky Archives”, “Archives of Tazewell o, VA”, “Tax List of 1810, Scioto County” and “The Register”.
  • Josh Butler- monetary


  • Doug & Cindy Lowe-Pictorial Directory of Residents of Hillview Retirement Center
  • Robin Gloss- “History of John Munn”
  • John Sommer- “Retrospective View from a WWII Foxhole”


  • Everette Parker- “Portsmouth, Ohio: The First Hundred Years of Its Economic Development, 1800-1900”
  • Rosemary Crabtree- file information on Philip Moore Stone House
  • Mrs. Wilma Snook- old N & W magazine and five N & W photos with Mr. Snook
  • Alicia Courter- monetary
  • Betty Jean Carroll- “Foothill Spirits” Volumes 1 &2


  • Bill Glockner-information on Old St. Mary’s Cemetery
  • Luis-Olimpia Collazo- Old postcard and German 1877 receipt for tuition (Reed/Huber)


  • Paul O’Neill- Old photo of Portsmouth Public Library


  • R. L. Mohl- old photo of train yard
  • Dave Huffman- PHS yearbooks- 1923, 1926, 1927
  • Gayle Hopkins-PHS yearbooks- 1922, 1927, 1928, 1946, 1948, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1958, 1961, several old Ohio histories
  • Betsy DeMent- postcard image of Wayne Hills


  • Donna Dietrich- ‘A History of the Brown, Sampson, Burns, Wright and Horsley Families’
  • Barbara Keyser Gargiulo- ‘Scioto County, Ohio Newspapers and Historical Reminiscences 1866-1869’
  • John Armstrong- Brill magazine, July 1912, containing article of Portsmouth streetcars
  • Steve Jenkins- New Boston history


  • Tom Adkins-“Greenup County Cemetery Locater” and “Portsmouth, Ohio Floodwall Murals”
  • William J. Glockner- “Industrial Portsmouth” and 11 postcard images of the Portsmouth Public Library


  • Colonel Gloria J. Nunley, retired- Ohio State Alumni 2005
  • John McHenry- Scioto County Veterans Interviews video, Vol. 50

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