2007 Donations


  • No donations were received in December.


  • David A. Meyer- “Life Along the Ohio Canal in the Scioto Valley”


  • Gwen Lewis- 1929, 1930 and 1931 PHS yearbooks
  • Larry McCutcheaon- “Our Watson Family of Adams County, OH”
  • Clyde Denney Foster- “Genealogy of Enoch E. Knight and Grace A. Adams”
  • Gladys Reynolds- “Index to Stories Old and Often Told”
  • Walter Stout- “Why is That Indian Crying, Dad?” -original poem


  • Kate Maynard- 1875 Scioto County Township maps (3 CDs)


  • No donations were received in August.


  • No donations were received in July.


  • Christie Russell- “The Civil War Period Journals of Paulena Stevens Janney”
  • Ray White- “King of the Cowboys”
  • Kenny Burck- “A Guide to Genealogical Resources in Cincinnati & Hamilton
  • County, OH”, “Every Name Index, History of Cincinnati, Ohio” and “Index to History of Hamiton County, OH”
  • Denise Cozart- “Donahoe family photos and memorabilia
  • Phillip Nice- “A Genealogy of the Hafner/Haffner Family of Voelklingen/Fuerstenhausen/Saar: Containing the German Ancestors and American Descendants of Johann Sebastian Hafner 1806-1883”
  • Tom Johnson- “The Daulton Brothers Grocery”


  • Dr. Robert French- “Brant’s Monthly News”, “The Whittler’s Gazette”-1935 and 1936 (several issues), “Lucasville Lore”
  • Rosemary Crabtree- “The Earliest Breweries of Portsmouth”


  • Dorothy Justus- Box of Indian Mound information
  • Patti Gillespie- Powers family information and monetary donation
  • Marie Short- Hacquard diary (memoirs 1876-1962)
  • Mrs. David Bower- Hawkins family information, CCC Camp memorabilia, metals, photos, 1937 flood photo cards
  • Mary Hunt- 7 boxes (93 items) old William Moore and Louisiana (Moore) Ricker diaries with some transciptions


  • Norma Hoerr- 1931 Portsmouth High School yearbook
  • Deborah Nash- “Spillman Family of Lawrence Co., KY” and Kentucky Magazine
  • Everett Parker- Portsmouth Times Progress Edition


  • Zach Duncan- “Kentucky Vital Records, V.2”, “Morgan Co., KY Cemetery Records”, “Vital Statistics, Morgan Co., KY, 1852-1904”, “Vital Statistics, Floyd Co., KY, 1852-1904”


  • Zach Duncan- 1901, 1906 and 1914 Elliott County School Censuses
  • Hilda Miller- “Williams Coburn’s Family History, Ohio”
  • Robert Louis Massard- “Epling/Eplin, V.6, Additional Descendants 1787-2006”

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