2009 Donations


  • Patricia Oliver- monetary
  • Jenny Presnell- monetary
  • Dr. Raymond Booth- “River of Iron: A History of Silvery Pig Iron in Jackson County, OH”


  • James Valentine- 13 PHS yearbooks
  • Charles Wagner- 12 city directories
  • Patricia Oliver- monetary


  • Robert Mohl- The Clingman Family Story


  • Paul O’Neill- History of the Knaper Family
  • Yvonne Hammond- Stars and Stripes, June 1, 1943
  • Towne Bannon- articles on Arthur Bannon and the library’s passenger pigeon


  • No donations were received for August.


  • Lisa Sheffield-Transylvania County Library- ephemera on Joseph Tracy re-election
  • Maureen Coburn- monetary
  • Nancy & John McGauley- monetary
  • Garry Riley- “The Faces of the Railroad” CD


  • Jerry Moore- monetary
  • John Hartley- “Photo Story of the Greatest Flood of the Century” booklet & photocopy of picture of Lincoln School class of 1937


  • Andrew Grimes-ECHO 1909 school magazine/newsletter
  • Hazel McCarthy- Jeffords Family History (12 volumes)


  • Charleese Sue Deweese- Pugh Family History
  • Norma Lasley- D.A.R. information on Abraham Coriell for file
  • Lois Rafferty- CDV (early type photo item “carte de visite”)
  • Bill Glockner- photos of the ice house, maps and button shells
  • Fran Shade- monetary
  • Walter Bagnall-“Some Descendants of John Clay”, “Clay Family Settlement on the Bluestone River” and “A New River Heritage”


  • Jean Ryan- Magoffin County, KY Historical Society Quarterly Newsletters
  • James Carver- Sinclair Bottom Primitive Baptist Church Chilhowie, Smyth Co., VA: Brief Early History
  • Laura Stidham- monetary
  • Shirley Dunn- copies of “The Days” family history” and the “Robbins Journal”


  • Jack Lake Revare – “Descendants of Jacques Reverd of France & Daniel Lake of North Carolina”
  • Anna Biggs – Five 8×10 photos of area history


  • William Daehler- “A History of Instrumental Music at Portsmouth High School”
    Canal Society of Ohio- Portfolio of Canal Scenes (serigraphic prints)

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