2019 Donations


  • American Legion James Dickey Post 23- WWII uniform, skull cap and 2 hats
  • Grace Martin- Scioto County Medical Society documents & photos


  • Grace Martin- Scioto County Medical Society Collection
  • Matthew Adair- Photos of the Drew family
  • Marcia Kurtz- poster of Selby Shoe 20th Anniversary
  • James A. Williams- “The Flowers Still Bloom Every Year”
  • Peggy Ruggiero- 1949 & 1953-55 Wheelersburg class reunion invitations
  • Stephanie Ness- Flood Scrapbook
  • Linda Pitts- 1924-1982 North Moreland Elementary Staff & Reunion book


  • Shelley Doremus, 10th Armored Division Memorial Museum- 2 Photos and military papers for John O. Johnson
  • Dave Huffman- 1907 PHS yearbook


  • Peggy Ruggiero- Historical ephemera-box
  • Paul O’Neill- 1960 Tartan Yearbook
  • Linda Foster- 187 journals of Charles Hayward
  • Ed McGrath- “Second to Last to Leave: The Lauren F. Brunner Story”


  • Julia Basham- 1912 Sciotoville plat maps
  • Leah and Zach Jenkins- 1990-91 Highland yearbook, 2003 Northwest yearbook


  • Dave Huffman – 2 large boxes of I.O.O.F. & Veterans of Foreign Wars ephemera & photos
  • Kevin Rase – 1915 Scrapbook
  • Julia Huffman- Portsmouth – Fullerton Bridge Toll stub


  • Portsmouth Police Department- Fingerprint card and old scrapbook of newspapers
  • Anonymous- 12 books, envelope of photos, old newspapers
  • Katherine Bannon (Vicky Kleinman)- Ladies Aid Society Cookbooks
  • Jane Saddler- Box of photos surnames Blair and Zucker
  • Jonathan Winters- “History of Ohio”
  • Linda Donaldson- “The Wheelersburg Tornado of 1968”
  • Sharon Bender- 1899 city directory
  • Susie Gowdy- 1969 yearbook and alumni 2005 book


  • Clayton Glenn- “Portsmouth: Architecture of an Ohio River Town”
  • Marcy English- 4 boxes of Allman Family ephemera
  • Grace Martin- 14 Record Books of Medical Society- minutes of Hempstead Academy
  • Naomi Boyd- 6 Wheelersburg yearbooks
  • Dr. William Daehler- “Historical Atlas of Adams County, OH”


  • Terry Hartnett- Family photo scrapbook
  • Christine and Jeff Johnston- “In Memory of mother, Jeanne Collis-Johnston”- their mother’s 2 photo albums containing Portsmouth area postcards


  • Ralph Scott- September 28, 1846 issue of the Portsmouth Weekly Tribune
  • Debra Klaholz- Wagner Genealogy
  • Marcy English- Various Allman ephemera donated by Martha Jean Allman
  • Paul Wetzig- 2005 Portsmouth West Yearbook