12 Early Portsmouth Businesses


12 Early Portsmouth Businesses

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Adam Giesler's Meat Market
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

This building has always been a butcher shop.....for well over 100 years.......Giesler's Market, Heizel's market, and now Herrmann's Meat Market.

Adam Geisler came to this city in July 1866, direct from…

Summer's Brothers Hardware
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

Of nine Sommer Brothers, George had been in the hardware business since 1876. In 1891, Leo and George formed a partnership and opened up the hardware store at 220 Market Street. The large three-story brick…

Biggs House
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

One of the best known and most popular hotels in Ohio. The Biggs House was located at 455 Front Street. The Great Fire on March 6, 1871 destroyed the hotel, but it was immediately rebuilt, retaining its…

The "Micklethwait" Corner, Second (2nd) and Market Streets. Site of "The Washington"
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

The corner building is located at the south east corner of Market and Second (2nd) Streets, on the present site of the Washington Hotel. The other buildings were on the east side of Market looking south to…

Market Street Entrance
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

F.C. Daehler Co. Furniture and Undertaking Parlor, located at 205 and 207 Market Street. Being found at different locations in numerous City Directories, the business seemed to move around quite a bit.

Stahler Brothers, Wholesale and Retail
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

Dealers in bicycles, harness, farm implements and hardware. Third (3rd) and Market Streets. David Stahler and L.F. Stadler. This business was opened March 1, 1893 and later became the site of the B&O Freight…

Market Street, Massie Block, 1865. Valley bookstore. Dugan's bank
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

The Biggs House-Massie block fire occurred in 1871. Among other business places destroyed was Carter's Hotel, Lynn's Livery Barn, Dugan's bank, Valley bookstore, John Yoakley's music store, Times Office,…

Market and Second (2nd) Streets, February 13th, 1884
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

"Candyland" on left (At that time Brunner's Dry Goods)

Washington Hotel now on right (At that time, the Micklethwait Corner)

Market Square – Portsmouth Ohio
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

Spanish-American War
Company H, 4th Regiment OVI

War was formally declared on 26th of April, the day Company H left for Camp Bushnell, orders came to leave on Tuesday and early the city was awake, and…

56th  OVI on Market Square., February 12, 1862
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

This was the par excellence, the Scioto County Regiment.

Alex M Glockner, dealer in hardware, cutlery, sporting goods, and bicycles
In 1872, Jay. B. Rottinghaus was succeeded in this building by Bernard Gardner, father of Alex M Glockner. Mr. Glockner died two years later, in the business was continued under the firm name of Mrs. M Glockner until her death in 1891. In that year,…

Market Square, looking south, Washington Hotel in Center – Portsmouth Ohio
(From the collection of Carl Ackerman)

Frank Amann was born in 1860 in Portsmouth. His father was a native of Baden, Germany. In 1874 he became a clerk in Daniel's Spry's drugstore. He remained there until 1880 when he went into business for…
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