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Black and white photo on glass in gold tin scroll frame. Frame is fitted in a black box with a hook on the side. Box has imbossed scrollwork and lid is hanging by threads. When open-red inside.

Colored cardboard and paper calendar advertising Pfleger's in 1952. Jan-March, pages are torn and crumbling. Located in Minford.

Aged onion skin paper $1,000 bond with red scrollwork and print. Black illustration of Portsmouth and Ohio River with 4 different fonts and 2 signatures in ink-Mayor Turley embossed seal. Also stamped 1906.

35 page booklet with photos, team information and advertisors. Cover is Uncle Sam in color.

Pale green with embossed green, gold, red, and blue illustrations on front. Picture of James E. McNaughton, teacher on front center. Colored scene on back. Four pages, front and back with poetry and school information in different fonts of brown. 36…

Light tan and red matchbook for Sons Bar and Grill, 545 2nd St. Back shows locations in Ohio, also has location at 845 Gallia St.

Sepia tone photo/image cabinet card of W.H.H. Cadot. Card is green with gold lettering for Lutz Cabinet Portraits, Portsmouth, Ohio on back. Scroll work art illustration and additional infortmation on Lutz.

Off white with green print and scroll work gold bond certificate. Folded paper with perforated stamps on inside. Numbered as "168" deed of conveyance to N&W on back. Contract mortgage inside.

Aged off white 8.5 x 11 paper folded for a program. Black computer fonts with illustration on front. Scenes and cast listed inside.

Aged off white paper with typewritten letters and front page illustration. Paper is an 8.5 x 11 folded. Play was "The Boy Who Changed the World". Cast and scenes listed inside.

Aged off white 8.5 x 11 paper folded or a program. Play was "Desparate Ambrose". All information is typewritten. Inside lists cast and others involved. Scenes listed on back.

Sepia toned post card of Girl Scout Camp Molly Lauman, Lucasville, Ohio. Unknown scouts camping.
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