Donations from Cheryl Swanson (Parsons)


Donations from Cheryl Swanson (Parsons)


Family Bible


Family Bible. Bible was published in the late 1800's. Family marriages & births recorded on several pages.

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Parsons Family Bible Records
Color, printed page in center of Bible.
Marriage of Thearl Parsons, Elliot County, Kentucky and Hazel Gillam, Carter County, Kentucky. Married in Greenup, County Kentucky, January 28, 1932. In the presence of Mrs. J. N. Herald, Mildred Simms.…

Memoranda Page
Color printed page in center of Bible lists a death in the Gillam Family: C.W. Gillam, died September 21st, 1930.

Family Bible
Color print page in center of Bible.

Color print page in center of Bible.
Births:Thomas Thearl Parsons, May 2, 1910
Hazel Gillam Parsons, Dec. 29, 1906
Charles Verle Parsons, Oct. 10, 1921
Cheryl Lynn Parsons, May 29, 195_

Color printed page, Deaths.
Hazel Gillam Parsons, Jan. 13, 1991
Thomas Thearl Parsons
Charles Verle Parsons
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