Donahoe Family Collection


Donahoe Family Collection


The Donahoe Family lived at 1129 Third (3rd) Street, Portsmouth, Ohio.

Collection Items

Margaret & Mary Donahoe
Black & white photograph.
Portsmouth, Summer 1922.

Joyce-Donahoe & Grandma
Black & white photograph.
The pack of photograph has remnants of black paper attached. The writing exposed: Joseph Joyce, _ Donahoe & Grandma.

Postcard Addressed to Owen Donahoe, Cincinnati, O<br /><br />
Black & white photograph postcard, post marked "Portsmouth, August 31, 1909"
The people standing in front of the house are not identified by name.

Hannah Donahoe
Black & white oval photograph.
Identified as "My Aunt Hannah Donahoe".

Bridget Donahoe
Black & white portrait photograph in oval frame.
Noted: in Donahoe photo album marked "My Aunt Bridget Donahoe."

John Donahoe
Funeral card for John Donahoe.

Mike Glynn
Black & white photograph, faded, mounted in small photo album.

Sepia tone photograph, faded.
Handwritten at the bottom of the photo "Murray".

F. Halocy
Tintype photograph mounted in small photo album.

Pat Logan
Tintype photograph mounted in small photo album.

Pat Dorsey &amp; Wife
Tintype photograph mounted in small photo album.

Margaret Penden
Black & white photograph in small photo album.
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