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Ohio Stove Company


The Ohio Stove Company was incorporated in 1872, in Portsmouth, Ohio. The company was organized as a foundry to cast iron stove parts and assemble its line of coal heating and cooking stoves. In 1942 the company expanded into commercial gray iron casting to produce parts for the air conditioning, transportation and transmission industries. By 1953 the conversion from stove production to commercial casting was complete. All stove patterns were sold. The Ohio Stove Company changed its name to OSCO Industries, Inc., in 1972 on the company's 100th anniversary.

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Gray Iron Castings<br /><br />
Ohio Stove Company
Facility Record Book-cover.

Ohio Stove Company<br /><br />
Gray Iron Casting Division
Introduction letter to customers & prospective customers.

Welcome<br /><br />
Ohio Stove Company
Black & white photograph.
Unidentified employees

Ohio Stove Company
Page describes materials manufactured at Ohio Stove Company.

A Stove Company that Does Not Manufacture Stoves-Ohio Stove Company
Page one of two page article that appeared in BEAUTIFUL OHIO, VOL. 2, No. 2, 1960.

Continued-page 2<br /><br />
A Stove Company That Does Not Manufacture Stoves-Ohio Stove Company
Page 2 of an article in BEAUTIFUL OHIO, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1960.

Plant Location Map<br /><br />
Ohio Stove Company
Map showing location of Ohio Stove Company.

Aerial View-Ohio Stove Company<br /><br />
Portsmouth, Ohio
Black & white aerial photograph copy of the Ohio Stove Company.

Ohio Stove Company Personnel List
Printed list of personnel, and their titles, at Ohio Stove Company.

Ohio Stove Personnel-Photographs
Individual black & white photographs of personnel at Ohio Stove Company.

History and Financial Information<br /><br />
Ohio Stove Company
History and financial information of the Ohio Stove Company.

Stove Company Displays Red-Hot Enthusiasm for Safety And Cleanliness
Reprinted article from the July, 1959, issue of Monitor, published by The Industrial Commission of Ohio.
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