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Aged, hunter green booklet (hardbound) with silver design on front, "Royal Memorandum Book." Pages are lined like notebook paper with alphabetical tabs. Notations are in ink and pencil. Listed are Township Trustees, Attorneys, Bussinesses, etc.

Blue, aged paper program with blue print on blue cover with image of coach George "Potsy" Clark. Inside: pages off-white, some tears, biographies of each Spartan and advertisements.

Stained, tan, canvas bank deposit bag. Blue and red print. Central Savings Bank organized in 1893, and was located at 9 Gallia (811 Gallia). In 1930, the bank consolidated with Security Savings & Trust.

Orange Card (cardstock) with black print, typewritten information and black ink signature.

Off-white paper form receipt for Russell G. Ketter. Black and red print and ink script.

Off-white paper receipt for Russell Ketter for Political Advertisement. Black print with typed date and name. Blue stamped.

Black and white photo of Chillicothe Street at Christmas. Russell G. Ketter, secretary of the Retail Merchants Association over the decorations.

Sepia-toned photo image postcard of Fred, Russell & Ruie Ketter in front of house in Sciotoville. Fred is dad, Ruie is mom.

Sepia-toned postcard of a 1934 class at Lincoln School. Few names listed on black - left to right.
1st row: Barbara Doerr, Rosemary Saunders, Betty Downing, Harry Woodworth, Rebecca White, Irene Winters, Donna Freshour.
2nd row: George Hedger, ?,…

Black and white photo image from the Times. The Ohio Power Co. opened a new service center and Russell G. Ketter, secretary of the Retail Merchants Association was a guest.

Off-white, discolored paper receipt with black print and pencil handwriting. Money received from R.G. Ketter and paid to H.A. Lorberg (Henry A. Lorberg)

Off-white, discolored paper receipt for money that Russell G. Ketter paid for Political ADs in Frederick G. Minor, publisher of "The Black Print with Blackink Handwriting, Crusader"
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