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  • Collection: Donations from Dr. John Lorentz

Black & white photo image.
on back: Located at end of Walnut Street and Ohio River. Picture shows sewage and storm water flowing into Ohio River by gravity. But when river reaches a stage of 47 feet it will back up this sewage into the manholes and…

Black & white photo image.
on back: This picture shows how the 1937 flood tore a hole in the N&W dirt levy at the east end of the Portsmouth flood wall. WPA workers have now extended the concrete 62-foot flood wall for a distance of 1000 feet.

Black & white photo image.
on back : Looking from shore over to Ohio River. About 20 feet more will be added to top of this structure before it is finished.

Black & white photo image.
on back : Designed to pump sewage and force it underwater into the Ohio River when the river rises to a stage of 43 feet. Beneath this superstructure is a well holding two electric engines capable of pumping 12,000…
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