2013 Donations


  • Mildred Russell- 1986 History of Scioto County, OH


  • Nancy Adkins- box of family information and photos-surnames Storey, Sagar, Carr, O’Shaughnessy
  • Suzanne Bailey-family photos
  • Towne Bannon- 1949 photo “Sewing Club”
  • Joe Newberry-“WPAY: Our 50th Year 1935-1985”
  • Denise Gregory (SSU) – “The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson”- local author autographed


  • Marguerite & Virgil Ramsey- Bloom Twp. Birth & Death Records 1909-1947
  • Betty Wellman- Family photos- “Stamper”


  • Blaine Bierley- “Charles Street Tales” and “1955 Trojan Alumni Prints”


  • Anonymous- loose papers and files of Ohio History
  • Inez Boling- “A Photographic Look at Breathitt County, KY”


  • Julia Carpenter-Smith- monetary
  • Betty Wellman- 2 family photos


  • Ann Mitchell- 2 photos
  • David Maynard- “The Portsmouth Trojans Basketball, V.2”
  • Bob Morton- “TODAY”- AAA magazine- murals


  • There were no donations for the month of May.


  • Anna Meyers- monetary (towards purchase of book)
  • Anonymous- 4 PHS yearbooks -1974, 1975, 1976, 1977


  • Matt Tackett- Phipps Cemetery inscriptions
  • Gary M. Shaw- “History of the Nile Township Fire Department” CD
  • Linda Donaldson- old photo “Mikado” Cowboys- Auspices of Elks, Grand Opera House, 1910
  • Clyde Mowery- “McCann, Burris, Cox, Dawney, Jordan, Wallace and Associated Families” and “Mowery, Barber, Fannin, Stewart, McGraw, Kirk, Reynolds and Dials Families”
  • Betty Wellman- old family photos- 35


  • Royce Forman- “Ancestry, Descendants & Relationships of Mabel Jordan Dever and Martha List Forman”
  • Mildred Russell- 9 books, 16 FTM CDs and 19 issues OGS magazine.
  • Jenny Barnes- monetary


  • Linda Hoover- monetary
  • James Carver- “Ogle/Carver Heritage Story”, Hylton/Carver Heritage Story” and “Hager/Carver Heritage Story”>

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