2015 Donations


  • Ken and Yvonne Hale- 3 boy scout documents


  • Mark Hammons- 1900 Kentucky census microfilm
  • Clark Moore- History of Ohio 5 vol. set, Scioto County, Oh History, Ohio Geological Survey
  • Martha Fuller- postcards, newspapers, 1913 flood photos and pages from an unknown journal
  • Paul O’Neill- photos of buildings in Columbus made from sandstone from Taylor Stone Co. and postcard scan


  • No donations for September.


  • Jane Beebe Hughes- Isaac Bonser’s eyeglasses
  • Larry E. Atkins- 41 photos of Wheeling Steel during 1937 flood
  • Terry Hartnett- 1 bag and 1 box of photos and documents from the Greer estate
  • Mary Cummings- “William Ward, the 1st, born 1642 in Donegal, Ireland, and His Descendants”


  • Mike Levine- 1994 & 95 Wheelersburg yearbooks
  • Linda Berry- “It’s About Time” and “Carty Family” (in memory of grandmother)


  • Polly Lyons- 1927 Sciotoville High School Yearbook-“The Arrow”


  • Phyllis Boyle – “The Way We Were”- steamboat history
  • Lewis Rayburn – “History of Scioto County, Ohio”
  • Linda Warfield and Portsmouth Garden Club – 5 boxes of Portsmouth Garden Club history and memorabilia


  • Paul O’Neill- Copies of images of Red Birds Baseball and other various tickets, Grand Opera House program and tickets, Ad for Raven Rock School of Aeronautics, and ball park images


  • Blaine Bierley- 1921, 1923, 1924 and 1925 PHS yearbooks
  • Patricia K. Long- 1943 Class photo of Clay Township High School
  • Larry Duncan- “An Irish American Dream”
  • C. Anne Dawson- 1947 library due date card


  • Janet Revare- 1940 yearbook PHS, 1940 class reunions and information, reunion photos and 1929-36 McKinley class photos
  • Evangelical United Church of Christ- copy of 1887 Dedication Service and the history


  • Phyllis Seidel – 2 copies- “Floodviews of Portsmouth 1913”- small booklets, 2 copies- “Floodviews of Portsmouth 1913” – large booklets, 1913 Floodview postcard book, “The Terrible Flood of 1913”, “A Photographic Story of the Flood of 1913”, “Greatest Flood of the Century 1937”, 2 copies- “America’s Major Flood Disaster 1937”, “A History of Jackson County-Sesquicentennial Edition”, ”Industrial History of Oak Hill, Ohio

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