2018 Donations


  • Linda Foster- framed Nov 10 & 11, 1918 Portsmouth Times front pages- donated by the family of Charles Hayward of Lyra, Ohio
  • Mark Thoms- scans of New Boston Steel Mill
  • Cheryl Semones Mandrackie- Shaw Family information for files


  • Glenn Rase- 1968 Minford yearbook
  • Jim Siberell- “Declaration of Independence…State of Kentucky”, “Notes of Kentucky Veterans of the War of 1812”, “List of Officers of Illinois Regiment”.
  • Edith S. Sauer- 15 Selby negatives
  • Sue Covert- 1882 Bible
  • Jenny Cowling- Select Dairy milk bottle


  • Louis Chmiel- “Home of the Wright Brothers”
  • Lisa Rickey (WSU)- “Ohio & the Erie Canal Guide for Scioto County, Ohio”


  • Peggy Ruggiero- multiple newspaper articles, magazines and brochures
  • Trojan Junior Rifle Club member- various photos and posters of the club


  • Carrie Eldridge- Scan of Kentucky Browns team 1910-1911
  • Laura Womack- 1960 Family Action program


  • Anonymous- 27 photographs
  • John T. Yeary- 4 PHS yearbooks
  • J. Marbeth Daniels- from the Estate of Jane Beebe Hughes; postcard of the Goodrich women, B. F. Goodrich mug, glass pitcher and gold pocket watch.
  • Peggy Ruggiero- 3 Holly Days programs


  • Blaine S. Bierley – autographed photo of 6 Ohio governors
  • John Zoellner & Mary Pellegrinon – “Industrial Blade”, 4 booklets, “History of Scioto County”, 13 photos & postcards, 3 newspapers


  • Fred S. Charles- 1890 Photo Dogwood Ridge School students
  • Jan SuverKrop- 2 framed local prints, “Reflections 1850-1968” and Portsmouth city schools calendar
  • Betty Wellman- 4 3-ring binders of family history
  • Peggy Smalley Ruggiero- 2 typed pages of Montavon/Mathews family history


  • Paul O’Neill – postcard scans

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