Historic Postcards


Historic Postcards


People, buildings and places in Scioto County


3½" x 5½" postcards of Portsmouth and Scioto County, Ohio


Henry A. Lorberg and others


19th and 20th centuries




Scioto County, Ohio


Portsmouth Public Library Image Collection


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Church of Christ, 1907 Flood
Sepia tone photo image of Church building surrounded by 1907 flood water, 4 people in rowboat. The first unit of this building at Third (3rd) and Gay Streets was built in 1895 and was expanded in 1906. The congregation was later known as the First…

Billy Sunday Tabernacle
Sepia tone photo image of tabernacle building, utility poles, horse and wagon, ice cream stand across street. The tabernacle was located at the corner of Gallia and Lincoln Streets and extended south to Seventh (7th) Street. It was built in five…

Castle Hall, Magnolia Lodge
colorized photo image of red brick Castle Hall, Magnolia Lodge, Knights of Pythias, at the corner of Washington and Fourth (4th) Streets, building has a church-like steeple

Billy Sunday Tabernacle
black & white photo image of the tabernacle interior showing empty benches, posts supporting ceiling framework, electric lights, crowd seated in distant section. The tabernacle was located at the corner of Gallia and Lincoln Streets and extended …

Brake Service Department, Auto Brake Service Co.
black & white photo image of interior of Auto Brake Service Company at 1511 Gallia Street, fire chief's auto being serviced by man kneeling at front.

Bond Street School, Portsmouth, Ohio
colorized photo image of Bond Street School at Fourth (4th) & Bond Streets. Built for $9,117.00, twelve rooms served elementary students from 1906 to 1939. Razed in 1948 for the construction of Albers Supermarket.

American Legion Home, Portsmouth, Ohio
black & white photo of the James Dickey Post 23 American Legion Hall at 705 Court Street

Brush Creek Bridge near Otway
color photo of Brush Creek Bridge, built in 1874 - Spanning Brush Creek in Scioto County. Located just Southwest of Otway, Ohio off of State Route 348. It was placed in the Historical Register May 19, 1963. In November 2012 the Scioto County…

Double Bridge on Route 52 entering New Boston
black & white photo of New Boston Route 52 double bridge over part of Millbrook Lake, New Boston hills are in background. On the left is Rhodes Avenue and on the right is Gallia Street. There was a big celebration when the bridges were opened in…

The General U. S. Grant Bridge, Portsmouth, Ohio<br /><br />
"The Ohio Valley is famous in song and story" is on card. Colorized photo image of first U.S. Grant Bridge opened in 1927 showing Kentucky, Portsmouth, Scioto River and hills in background. Also known as the Fullerton Bridge, it was a toll bridge…

The U. S. Grant Bridge, Portsmouth, Ohio
Tinted image of the bridge. A notation at the top: "The Grants operated a tannery on the site of the Kentucky approach to the bridge." The bridge, also known as the Fullerton Bridge, opened in 1927 as a toll bridge and became toll free in 1974. …

Looking north from the General Ulysses S. Grant Bridge, Portsmouth, Ohio
Tinted image of the bridge looking north at Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth. The toll booth is visible at the center. Since March of 1974 the bridge has been toll-free. Also known as the Portsmouth-Fullerton Bridge, it was opened in 1927 and…
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