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Chillicothe and Gallia Street Photos

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409 Chillicothe Street
Kidz Biz was located in the old building that was used by Bragdon's Dry Goods Store (409 Chillicothe) in the early 1900s. It closed in 1967. CVS (newer structure) was located where Haas Men's Clothing Store and a drug store were in the early 1900s…

401 Chillicothe Street
In the great fire of 1925, the Masonic Temple building at Chillicothe and Fourth that housed Bragdon's Store was partially destroyed. It was rebuilt to only four floors and in 1928 Kobacker's Department Store opened in this location. After 1971, it…

319 Chillicothe Street
The building was built in 1951. From 1952 to 1956, it became the Steahly Building. From 1957 to 1961. 1962 was Summers and Son Inc. In 1976, the building became CITF Financial Services.

315 Chillicothe Street
After the great downtown fire of 1925, J. C. Penney reopened their store in September 1927 at 315 Chillicothe Street. The store closed in 1999.

313/311 Chillicothe Street
According to the Scioto County Auditor, the building was built in 1923. Richman Brothers Clothes was located at 311 Chillicothe Street from 1926 to 1971.
Both addresses were stores. They would remain in the commercial business throughout the next…

303 Chillicothe Street
Built in 1898. Formerly the Anderson Brothers Store, in 1925 two floors were added and in 1935 Sears Roebuck moved into this location. Sears closed in 1984, and the building was remodeled to be Park Senior Apartments.

221 Chillicothe Street
Built in 1890. Formerly Alspaugh Furniture, Lewis Furniture Company purchased the inventory in 1920, and the building in 1925, but has an extensive remodel to make more room. In 2011, it became the Elite Institute (beauty school) and was later used…

222 Chillicothe Street
Hurth Apartments building was originally the Hotel Hurth. It was built in 1923 by Adolph Hurth and was supposedly a fireproof hotel. In 1982, the building was converted into senior apartments.

302/304/306 Chillicothe Street
From 1908 to 1951, the building housed Brandau Book and Stationery Company. It was razed July 11, 2016 for Shawnee State University offices.

308 Chillicothe Street
This building was built in 1907. From 1937 to 1962, it was Peoples Credit Clothing Store. From 1964 to 1971 it was Glad Tidings Book Store. From 1971 to the early 2000's, it was Bauer Graphics, a graphic design studio. In November 2015, the building…

310 Chillicothe Street
This building was built in 1910 and remodeled in 1995. From 1926 to 1961, the building housed the W. T. Grant Company Inc. Department Store. In 1962 , the King's Dollar Store opened in the location. In the 1980s, it was Mike's Appliances. In 2011, it…

314 Chillicothe Street
This building was built in 1900. In 1912, the Woolworth Company 5 and 10 Cent Store opened in the location. From 1968 to 1986 it was Mack's Clothing.
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