Third (3rd), Market and Madison Street Photos


Third (3rd), Market and Madison Street Photos

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202/204 Market Street
Formerly Candyland

E. J. Kenrick Co., Market Street Building Detail
Color photograph of the E. J. Kendrick & Son Grocery business at 119 Market Street

218 Market Street<br /><br />
Color photograph of building.
Historically, this address/building housed some of these early businesses:
Alfred Frederick 1916 Saloon
J.A. Richter & W. S. Gilkerson 1918 Saloon
Garthee Cafe & Lunch Room 1914-1915
E.C. James 1912-1913…

216 Market Street<br /><br />
Formerly Schaefer's Food Market from about 1900 until the early 1940s. The grocery store was run by Joseph P. Schaefer and Sons. In the mid-1940s, Schaefer's branched out with larger super markets in the region. The original building was used as a…

208/210 Market Street<br /><br />
Scioto County Auditor records year built-1900.
About 1881-1920 the address was home to Amann's Pharmacy, owned by Frank Amann.
1920-1966 Stahler's Pharmacy
1966-1970 Variety store

202/204 Market Street &amp; 501 Second (2nd)<br /><br />
This corner building has had several street addresses: 202/204/206/208 Market Street, 501/502 2nd (Second) Street.
Scioto County Auditor records year built as 1850.
1853-1922 Brunner's Dry Goods, 1853.
1924-1929 Moore's Dry Goods (W.A. Moore & G.…

217 Market Street<br /><br />
1956-2014+ Market Street Hardware. Scioto County Auditor record of year built-1850.
1952-1956 Blankenship's Hardware Store
1947 Chester E. Pollitt, hardware store.
1941 Ralph E. Mauntel, lunch room/restaurant.
1935-1910 J.J. Orlett & Son…

219 Market Street<br /><br />
Helen's Bakery, Scioto County Auditor record of year built-1870.
In 1899, was owned by J.P. Montavon.
About 1907, the original bakery was started by August Knockle, a German immigrant. He ran the bakery until 1927 , and Barbour Counts bought the…

221 Market Street<br /><br />
Scioto County Auditor year built-1870. A butcher shop/meat market from the 1870s until 2001. Originally Adam Giesler's Meat Market until about 1950. From 1952-2001, Herrmann's Meat Company/Herrmann's & Sons. Since 2002, the building has housed…

223 Market Street
Commercial businesses occupied the space from about 1875-2003.
From about 1875-1928 there were a series of barber shops at the address.
About 1928 the Kroger Grocery & Baking Company built more space and moved in for business. Kroger occupied the…

428 3rd (Third) Street
Private residence built about 1900 according to the Scioto County Auditor. Address before 1911 was 158 W 3rd Street.

426 3rd (Third) Street
Private residence. Built about 1900 according to the Scioto County Auditor. A blacksmith shop from about 1916-1924.
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