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Anonymous Donations/Acquisitions

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Portsmouth Flood Scene
Portsmouth scene: given Meg Scott on January 1896 from Carrie (Fornish) Imes whose parents were born in Portsmouth

Sanford, Varner and Co.
Hand written letter on Sanford, Varner & Co. letterhead to Mr. August Hille of Archers Fork, Ohio about merchandise mailed to him. The Sanford, Varner men's clothing store was at the south west corner of Chillicothe and Third (3rd) Streets.

Selby Shoe Factory Folding Postcard
Black & white photo of employees

1935 McKinley Class Photo
Student group photo with names on back. Grayscale

PHS Commencement Exercises
Portsmouth High School Invitation to the sixty-ninth annual Commencement at U.S. Grant Gymnasium

Iron National Bank of Portsmouth
Color scan of a stock certificate from the Iron National Bank located in a building on Market Street in 1875. Black and white with illustrations on certificate.

Clay Township High School Graduating Class of 1943
Black and white images of individual class members

Bond Street School
sepia tone photo image of students in class of 1932

The Free Public Library Card, Portsmouth, Ohio
Orange card with patron name, Anne DuPuy with address. Card was used to "draw out" or lend books. Card number and expiration date. Dates stamped for book returns

1833 Land Record for the Scioto County Courthouse
Scanned image of the original document , yellowed and taped. Aged and wear damage.

7th Grade, Wilson School - 1935
Black & white photo of class on school steps
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