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Early Cemetery Index

The Local History Department houses information on township and city cemeteries. The indexes refer to the cemetery and township of the burial. As not all records are available, this is not a complete record. In some cases, it may be necessary to contact the cemetery and/or township trustee for information. Please note that some records have been destroyed by natural disasters such as fire and flood. The Local History Department will continue to add records as time allows and as they become available to us.

Early Marriage Index

The Local History Department has marriages for Scioto County from 1803-1911 on microfilm. The following indexes refer to the original marriage books by volume and page number. Please note that early marriage records do not necessarily have the parents listed, as they were not required to do so until after 1900. The marriage indexes will be added book by book as time allows.

Early Property Tax Index

The Local History Department has abstracts of the property taxes for Scioto County from 1806 to 1820. Information may be obtained by contacting Local History.

Early Newspaper Index

Portsmouth (Scioto County) has had a long newspaper history. The first newspaper published in Scioto County was the Portsmouth Gazette in 1818. It was short lived and lasted only about 6 months. Many early newspapers merged or carried additional editions (weekly or daily), some of which was indicated in their name.

Early Death Index

The Local History Department has early death records for Scioto County from 1856-1908 on microfilm. The county was not required to record death records prior to 1856. Deaths were not recorded from 1859 to 1866.

Early Wills Index

The Local History Department has early wills for Scioto County from 1810-1876 on microfilm. The records have been indexed, and the information from these records can be obtained by contacting Local History.


2015 Donations

December Ken and Yvonne Hale- 3 boy scout documents October Mark Hammons- 1900 Kentucky census microfilm Clark Moore- History of Ohio 5 vol. set, Scioto County, Oh History, Ohio Geological Survey Martha Fuller- postcards,...


2014 Donations

December Estate of Wilma Jarrells- old photos, books, research papers Richard Marting- 1928 yearbook and class reunion for scanning Dave Huffman- Concrete block from the old Greyhound Bus Station. Probate Court- “Constitution of the...


2013 Donations

December Mildred Russell- 1986 History of Scioto County, OH November Nancy Adkins- box of family information and photos-surnames Storey, Sagar, Carr, O’Shaughnessy Suzanne Bailey-family photos Towne Bannon- 1949 photo “Sewing Club” Joe Newberry-“WPAY: Our...


2012 Donations

December Harold Massie- Frank Rowe Collection of area history- four 3-ring binders Alma Robertson- 1885 article of incorporation signed by James Robinson November No donations for November. October No donations for October. September Laura...