Board of Trustees and Library Administration

The Library’s Board of Trustees meets at 12:00 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month.

All meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public.

Persons who wish to address the Board are asked to submit a request to be added to the agenda to the Office of the Director, Portsmouth Public Library, 1220 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662 by the first of each month. Requests must include the name and address of the person making the request as well as the subject to be addressed. Board policy provides speakers with three minutes to present their comments to the Board. The Board will not take action on a subject brought up by a speaker until such time that adequate research into the matter can be attained. Communications to the Board may be sent to the Office of the Director, Portsmouth Public Library.

Current Board Members

Tamela Morton President 2027
Charles Kemp Vice-President 2024
Kara Tieman Secretary 2023
Ruthann Brush 2025
Ryan Salmons 2022
Jennifer Schackart 2028