Camp Library

Calling all campers: grab your gear and head down to the Portsmouth location for Camp Library! Enjoy snack while you craft a dreamcatcher or simply hang out by a tent. Ages 12 & under

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Don’t be late for this very important date! Alice has explored the library and landed smack dab in the middle of the Mad Hatter’s tea party! Join us for some wild hat making, and decorate your own tea cup!! Light refreshments provided.

Waterless Glowing Fish Tank

Want fish without the hassle of food and water?!?! Look no further! Join us to create a waterless fish tank scene complete with gravel, plants, and a selection of sea creatures.

Ocean Flow Sensory time: Differently Abled Friendly

Join YS for a calming adventure of the sea. You can move, dance or simply chill out to our lights and music . We have blocked this program off for those that are differently abled or have sensory issues. You are all welcome to any of our programming but we thought you might enjoy a program fit & specified for your needs! Please call (740) 354 – 5562 for more information

Luca: A sensory & interactive showing

YS has crafted a new way to watch your new favorite Pixar movie that brings in the use of all five senses! Enjoy the smell of pasta, feel the salty sea splashing, hear the sounds of an Italian summer, taste the flavor of espresso (without the caffeine) all while we watch the film! No “shhh’s” in this movie theater! This is a recurring program so be on the lookout for more interactive theater days with Youth Services throughout the year! Please call (740) 354 – 5562 for more information

Candy Aquariums

Fish are friends not food, but candy fish are delicious! Join Miss Hailey in crafting a delectable diorama of the ocean. Using candy and all edible goodies we will make edible aquariums that will look as good as they taste! Please call (740) 354 – 5562 for more information

Fun in the Sun

Join us at the library for a sunny beach filled day. We will have a sensory box, shell-matching, beach ball balance and feed the sharks activities. No fear, they’re friendly sharks at the library. Also, you can build your own sand-castle and create you very own decoupage scallop shells. The possibilities are endless and you can let your imagination run through the deep-blue sea. A day at the library is like a day at the beach! (ages 4-12)

Sea Monster Mini Golf

Do you have what it takes to battle some of the fiercest creatures of the high seas? Can you outsmart the Kraken, escape the plastic ocean geyser, outswim Nessie, and evade the 4 headed Hydra? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you definitely don’t want to miss your chance to play a round of miniature gold on our 9-hole putt putt golf course right here in the library.

The Great Mini Barrier Reef & Coral Reef Figurines

–The Great Mini Barrier Reef-Children ages 4-7 will enjoy making every guppy jealous by creating their own personal mini coral reef. Have a piece of a beautiful, colorful ecosystem that many fish call home! Coral Reef Figurines- For kids ages 8-12, come and explore the world of coral reefs! Coral reefs are some of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in the world. Did you know that it takes corals decades to create reef structures? But, it doesn’t take decades to make your own pieces of coral to display!


Calling all artists, inventors, builders, and thinkers! This summer, the library has been transformed into a place where an OCEAN OF POSSIBILITIES awaits. We are headed to the beach for June’s Maker Space Saturday where you can spend an afternoon making SANDCASTLES! Legos and art supplies will also be set out for anyone to use during the program. Legos will be free play while the art table will have everything needed to paint a school of foil fish.

Silênzio Bruno!: Luca Pasta Party

Join Guila in crafting clay pastas and capturing a storm in a bottle while enjoying the Disney Film, “Luca”. Crafting is just as useful as yelling “Silenzio Bruno!” If you need courage, confidence, or time to calm yourself down, join us for a great afternoon of adventure! Please call (740) 354 – 5562 for more information