Monthly Movie Matinee

Visit the Lucasville Library for a free film screening and light refreshments every 3rd Friday of the month.

Mommy & Me Paint Party

Enjoy free refreshments as mother & kiddos paint together to create matching canvas art! This will be a fun relaxing day spent with mom before mother’s day creating memories that last through the years.

Float Your Boat

Water is powerful! Do you ever wonder how large, heavy ships stay afloat? Let’s explore how density, buoyancy, and gravity make objects float or sink in water! We’ll use aluminum foil, pennies, and water to learn how to float a boat.

Reading Rockstars!

Shuffle and strut your way over to the Lucasville Library for a rockin’ and rollin’ good time! We’ll be celebrating Children’s Book Week with a special storytime, dance, and craft!

Junior Library Council

Children and tweens can join the Junior Library Council to learn about their library and help their library develop new programs and collections! Crafts and activities will be included!

Fish Frenzy

Create your own fin-tastic foam fish and watch it swim on its own through the power of science! Learn about and play with water in interactive activities!

Family Game Night

Choose a challenge card, face it solo or with a team, and feel the rush of a ticking 60-second clock to win the challenge presented!

Free Library Book Fair

Let your child’s imagination grow while learning math & money management skills. The best part is that the money is fake but the purchases are real. Your child will be taking home fun prizes, school supplies, and books! Each child will receive some “library money” and get chances to earn… Read More »

Family Craft: Birdfeeders

Families are invited to the Wheelersburg Library to create birdfeeders. Let’s celebrate spring together! These make a great addition to any yard or deck. Enjoy watching your fine feathered friends!